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Walnut with Blue Resin

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This 3 drawer log box is made from a solid piece of Walnut wood. The blue throughout the piece is where natural splits/ holes were in the wood that I then filled in with a blue colored resin to help give it back some structural strength and a fun pop of color. I left all three drawers UN-lined. The piece has been coated in Danish Oil finish, which soaks into the wood and hardens it from the inside out so you should never have to worry about doing anything to it and just enjoy its beauty over the years.

General Over All Measurements:

Height: 8 inches 

Width(side to side): 5.5 inches

Depth(front to back): 4.25 inches

Approximate Interior Drawer Measurements:

Top Drawer

Height: 1.75 inches

Width(side to side):  3.5 inches 

Depth(front to back):  3 inches 

Middle Drawer

Height: 1.5 inches 

Width(side to side): 3.75 inches 

Depth(front to back): 3.25 inches 

Bottom Drawer

Height: 2 inches 

Width(side to side): 4 inches 

Depth(front to back): 2.75 inches 


**Disclaimer! The measurements of these pieces are not exact and there are some variations throughout the piece because these are cut out organically and are not made to be perfect sizes**

Please don't hesitate to message me with any questions!

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