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Wood Conditioner 4oz

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This is a 4 oz jar of natural wood conditioner, handmade at home by me. Non-toxic and food safe. It can be used for polishing and conditioning wooden kitchen items. After years of washing, wooden kitchen accessories can dry out, lose their luster, crack and even fall apart. This paste when applied to your pieces can bring back that color, help prevent them from drying out, cracking, breaking and becoming useless.
(Jar shape may vary but it will be the same amount)

Examples of what to use on:
Cutting boards
Salad bowls
Wooden spoons
Wooden knife handles

Mineral Oil

How to use:
apply a small amount to a clean cotton cloth and rub into your cutting board, spoon or other wooden item you wish to treat. Cover the entire piece. Let the piece sit overnight, giving ample time for the oils to soak into the wood. In the morning wipe any excess off with a clean cloth.
repeat this process every few months or more frequently if you are washing the wood items more often. This mixture leaves a wonderful shine, bringing out the woods natural beauty while simultaneously helping to preserve and protect for years to come.
Protect your wood!