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Here are my completed woodworking projects. Click on the thumbnail images to view a full gallery of each item.

Spiral Lamp

Spiral LampThis table top lamp was fabricated by drilling a series of holes in a cylindrical piece of Ash wood. As the sections of material were removed from the cylinder, two concentric spirals are formed. Once the shape was thoroughly refined and sanded, a basic lamp kit was utilized for the electrical components. A shade was chosen to compliment the color, shape, and overall look of the piece. The Spiral Lamps plug into any standard wall socket and would fit perfectly on an end table. You can watch a time lapse video of the fabrication of one of these lamps here.

Baby Crib

Baby CribThis is a custom rocking baby crib. It was designed to be higher elevated than normal, allowing the infant to lay at eye level when placed next to the parents' bed. This feature also allows the child to be placed onto the sleeping surface without the parent bending over as far as normally needed. the crib section is removable from the base. it is constructed out of poplar wood and stained a red mahogany.

Secret Compartment Coffee Table

Coffee TableThis piece was my graduate project. It is an octagonal coffee table that features a hidden compartment in each section of the octagon. Half of the sections slide out from the center and the other half open upwards with a hinge. The ones with hinges are also secured with a lock that is disengaged when a magnet is placed over top of it. These magnets were concealed inside coasters so they are hidden in plain sight. You can view a video of myself opening and closing all the compartments here.

Mort The Rocking Moose

Mort The MooseBased on the traditional children's rocking horse, Mort is a one of a kind original piece. Constructed from solid cherry wood, held together with dowel pins, and finished with a medium dark stain, this piece is fully functional and able to hold the weight of an adult.

Rocking Giraffe

Rocking GiraffeAnother rocker animal based this time on a giraffe. Built from an exotic wood called angelim pedra from South America. No stain was used but a coating of boiled linseed oil was utilized to accentuate the natural grain of the wood.

Band Saw Box 1

Bandsaw Box 1This box is made from a solid log, cut on a band saw with one continuos line to create the drawers. This technique allows for flowing, organic shapes. This particular piece is a maple log featuring small grooves naturally created by burrowing grubs. Boiled linseed oil was used to highlight the natural tones of the wood.

Band Saw Box 2

Bandsaw Box 2Constructed in the method mentioned above, this piece is from a birch log. It is a much simpler design with only one drawer. The natural bark of the tree was left intact, adding texture to the box.
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